Monday, September 14, 2009

Comfort Food, Stress and the YamDaisy Cafe

An interesting piece of research caught my eye. I have been using the idea of Comfort Food to get people thinking about the wonderful food a YamDaisy Cafe could provide. I ask: You come home tired, hungry and miserable and the Fabulous Food Fairy says "Put your feet up and I will cook you whatever you would like to eat right now". What would you ask?
And people have chosen the familiar, nostalgic and delicious foods that would comfort them.

So I was interested to read this:

It begins: Most of us can name our favorite "comfort foods" and believe that we are most prone to seek them out during times of stress and upheaval - like moving to a new town or starting (or ending!) a job. Contrary to this well-ingrained belief, this research shows the surprising result that our choices of old favorites happen at the opposite times that we predict. The data here show that when peoples' lives are characterized by high levels of change and upheaval, they are less likely to choose favorite "comfort" choices and more likely to choose new, unfamiliar products…even though they predict just the opposite! This common mis-prediction can lead to negative consequences for consumers in that it suggests people may choose the wrong timing for making positive new changes in one's life.

What could this mean for the YamDaisy Cafe? Well, I think it is all good! The YamDaisy Cafe provides the delicious nostalgic foods that are nourishing and comforting but, of course, not every ones comfort foods are the same. The menu will always be a bit of a challenge, with new dishes, unfamiliar ingredients and slightly changed versions of old favourites. This is especially true for someone coming to the YamDaisy cafe for the first time: possibly because their life is stressed, perhaps because they are new to the area.

So, they will find new and exciting food at the time of stress, and as their life settles down so the food will become more familiar and comforting.

If life gets stressed again, they can try that dish on the menu they have never been tempted by before.

The YamDaisy food is the lovely mix of familiar and comfort, and new and exciting, that life should be!


  1. That's interesting...I was convinced that I stick to my classic comfort foods when I feel down. Have you found other studies which contradict this one? Curious to hear more!

  2. Apart from chocolate which I never say 'No' to, I would agree with this study. When I'm stressed or depressed nothing from what I usually eat seems satisfying enough. On the contrary, something new exites me.

  3. That's what all of us really need : comfort food ! As I've been doing my best like a full time housewife , I can realize that every day . Comfort food not only satiates our hunger but it renews our souls by bringing back even childhood memories :

    P.S.: Joy , if you couldn't access this link from here , I posted it in my blog :) It's worth to watch it . It's a scene of "Ratatouille" when Remy cooks the final dish , ratatouille , for Ego ;)

  4. It is interesting. I wonder if when we are down, and life is hard, we think to try something new in the hope that it will make life easier? I will keep on the look out for related research.
    Claudia, thankyou for that link! I have not had the pleasure of watching that film yet. It is perfect about Comfort Food!
    Perhaps comfort food is best at the END of stressful times, not in the middle of them?

  5. PS Yiota, So true re the chocolate!

  6. Hi,Joy ! Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend :D

  7. Great post!!!!Very interesting.

  8. When I feel down, I usually overeat from whatever is close to me :*

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