Monday, October 19, 2009

A Celebration of Bread, Lights and 350

Life is full of missed opportunities! Ofcourse we would be running around frantically if we tried to take advantage of them all, so I try to be philosophical and just give a friendly wave to the ones that pass me by. However, today I am making up for missing three wonderful blog opportunities from last week.
All of them are relevant to my YamDaisy Project!
The Festival of Lights
Food and Community and Celebrations go best together, and YamDaisy Cafes can be a community hub for whenever these three align! Diwali is a wonderful hopeful festival and worthy of celebration. So the candles in this picture are shining to celebrate Diwali
World Bread Day
What a food to celebrate! What a precious delicious staple this is! How proud the YamDaisy Cafes will be of the delicious breads they serve! Will they make it themselves or find a local artisan baker? Everyone deserves good bread! World Bread Day was October 16.
That is my little loaf of home made bread in the picture!
350 asked everyone to blog about this cause at the end of last week. But again I am thinking Better Late Than Never. Check out their website for more information. But basically 350 is the parts of carbon to be a safe level for us, and a good aim when fighting climate change. October 24th is the day of action so look out for what is happening near you.
I think YD Cafes will be part of the climate change solution. I believe that a cafe that cooks for 200 people a day is more efficient than fifty households cooking for 4 people each.
Also YD Cafes can support sustainable food production because that fits in with the local, seasonal food it will be using.
Don't you love a project that works on so many levels!
I will put this picture up on the 350 wall to show them my support.
Celebrations Everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing all these precious information , Joy !
    I've visited and I'm in !


  2. Lots of interesting things here I see. I need to come back tomorrow to read it all properly - today has been prepare-the-flat-for-winter day.