Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great 2009 Comfort Food Poll

I began the Comfort Food Poll after I had been talking about the YamDaisy Cafe idea for a while, and had some feedback that cheap nutritious food would not be attractive to potential customers. It sounded too much like aching jaws and boring vegetables.
Even when I talked about delicious, nutritious, local, seasonal food made from scratch on the premises....
No, said some, people want junk food.
So I came up with the idea of finding out for myself - by asking people what they want to eat when they are hungry and tired.

The Question
"You have had a hard day, you are sick, tired and hungry. The Fabulous Food Fairy says "Sit yourself down and I will make you a lovely comforting meal. What would you like?"

I asked this question in my website, on the Facebook 'Comfort Food' Page, in my Community News Sheets and I asked most people I met.
I did mean to do more publicity, my local newspaper would have published an article for me, but my health has been bad the last few months and so I wasn't able to extend the idea.

However, the 70 or so results were very interesting! I quickly saw that the range was SO wide that one dish could probably not be counted a winner. If I did count it that way, Roast Lamb would be the winner, closely followed by Chicken Soup, Vegetable Soup, Pumpkin Soup, and Macaroni Cheese.
But there were variants within, one chicken soup had noodles, another had vegetables, another had dumplings and so it went.
I have ended up putting them into broad categories which seemed to indicate the favourite types of food better.

1st PLACE:
Delicious Nourishing Soups
2nd PLACE:
Scrumptious bakes including Spanakopita and Macaroni Cheese
3rd PLACE:
Tasty Stews; Curries were a big player here
4th PLACE:
Heart Warming Pasta dishes

I had to work out what to do with pasta bakes, there were a couple of lasagnes as well as another pasta bake, so I counted them in both categories!
There was also a love for potato mash, it appeared as part of a meal over and over again.
Pies were popular, especially from British contributors, and toast soldiers with soft boiled eggs appeared too.

Most of these comfort foods came from Australia, indeed, most came from my local community around Melbourne, and they do show that the sort of comfort meals that people would ask for, are exactly the sort of food that would be served at a YamDaisy Cafe.

Ofcourse we did have someone nominate chocolate! And another would simply want pavlova... but it is truly overwhelming that most people chose delicious nutritious meals.
You can see the contributions on the Comfort Food Facebook Page
And at the Comfort Food page on the YamDaisy Website

What comforting food would you ask the Fabulous Food Fairy to make for you?

PS The Fabulous Food Fairy was drawn by Harper Jones aged 5. Thankyou Harper!


  1. I find cream soups comorting, like corn chowder and creamy potato soup, accompanied by things like freshly baked cornbread, biscuits, popovers, or dinner rolls.
    My personal comfort food, that I make for myself when I am lonely or blue, is hot chocolate.

  2. I'd say creamy soups, too; pasta dishes with white sauce... I think what has this comforting effect for me is that the dish is warm. I'm glad spanakopita is so popular but although I like it a lot, I miss the way my mum used to do it and can't find one which tastes so good.

  3. My favourite comfort food is chicken soup with cheese cubes in it :D

    I hope your health gets well, Joy :)


  4. My favorite comfort food would be potato boats. Mashed potatoes put back in their skins, sprinkled with cheese, then baked again till crispy on top.

  5. I would ask the comfort fairy to provide a baked meatloaf, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese ( Americans love mac and cheese) and a salad. Followed by Oreo cookies and milk.

    I loved thinking about this post. Thanks for asking.

  6. Tomato soup! Of all the soups I have tried, Tomato still ranks # 1...

  7. mine would be roast chicken (dark meat please!) and crispy, salted skin. Preferably baked by my dear old Ma! There are few ills that won't cure.

  8. Mine would be simply any soups or stews!

  9. Thankyou all for these wonderful replies! And all of them such yummy comfort food. I think I could put several lovely menus together just from there!
    Claudia thankyou so much for your good wishes for my health. I think I am on an upward swing now - fingers crossed!

  10. Comfort food yes - junk food no. Vegetarian and definitely made with fresh healthy and local produce - I wish you;d come and start the cafe here.

  11. Since I eat mostly with eyes I would like to see ever changing peaceful panoramas pics around the cafes' walls .... what do you think of that, eating a wonderful hot warmhearting leek/carrot/potato vellutata in a rainy day and see a beach sunset
    ciao maddalena

  12. Hi Choclette, maybe someday I will! (fingers crossed!).
    Mada I love your idea, it would make eating in the cafe so special!