Sunday, September 12, 2010

Egg Noodles with Cabbage, Mushroom, and fried Tempeh

Here is the next dish of my Meatless Monday Menu (finally!).
I love this quick dish and am pleased too because for many years most of my attempts at a quick wok meal tuned into sog ~ and I was doing SO many things wrong that it took a long time to sort it out and a miracle that I didn't give up in disgust part way through! Well, to tell the truth I did give up: but then I would gradually come around to another try.

I got this right thanks to a little Vegetarian Chinese Recipe Book I found in a supermarket many years ago, and I follow the same basic process of soaking then draining the egg noodles and giving them a fry, setting them aside and frying the vegetables and then adding the noodles and the dressing. Now I have got it, within that formula I vary just about everything!

This meal includes tempeh which I dice and then fry until crisp. So easy and such a lovely savoury taste and crisp texture to add to the mix.

Here is everything ready to go:
I kept most of the flavour in the sauce (soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine, chili paste, cornflour, sugar, orange juice) so the rest was extremely simple. I fried garlic, ginger and spring onion, and then the cabbage, adding the mushrooms and noodles when it was cooked and then poured over the dressing and stirred so it was hot and a little thick and shiny, served with the tempeh on top.

This is a life saver of a recipe because it has comfort and zing all in one plate!


  1. Tempeh :-)) I really miss them! That's a very healthy and delicious treat!

  2. What a great recipe for starting a new week, Joy :)


  3. The noodle looks great. I love fried tempeh. yum. Have a great day Joy.

  4. Yummie! I love noodles and this dish looks delicious!
    Hope you have a nice week.
    Lucy xx

  5. Sounds gorgeous! Never heard of tempeh, must look out for it!

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  7. some shredded carrot and beansprouts will also add color and some bites to the dish...nevetheless this is a healthy meal

  8. Mm, I love noodle dishes like this! Yum!