Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a Week!

It's Anti Poverty Week and Carers Week.
Two really relevant issues for YamDaisy Cafes!

This is just a quick post to outline these issues:

World poverty is a huge issue and the work of wonderful organisations like the World Food Program
(on facebook at ) happens a long way from thriving cities like mine. But there are lots of people struggling in my city, and like everywhere in the world, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

My experience with chronic illness has taught me that EVERYONE with a chronic illness gets poorer. If it is a parent the whole family becomes poorer and the cycle of poverty can set in. But any person or family is vulnerable to the cycle: illness and disability, not being able to manage employment, losing housing, and all the time everyone's health becomes compromised.

The role of YamDaisy Cafes are important here because the provision of delicious, healthy, affordable food lessens the burden of shopping, preparing, and cooking meals, and ensures that the meals available are not only delicious but nutritious in the way that helps prevent chronic illness and helps manage chronic illness, and therefore helps break the poverty cycle.

The importance of keeping YamDaisy meals affordable, without compromising the taste and nutrition is central to the model!

More about Anti Poverty Week here 

Mums have already put up their hands for YamDaisy Cafe food:
"Will there be takeaway?"
"Please have drive through!"
"O I would love to be able to pick up food for the family on the way home!"
But think of those families where chronic illness and disability, or just old age, mean that extra caring is needed. Schoolchildren who are caring for their ill mother through their teenage years, breadwinners who have to give up breadwinning for the sake of loved ones who need fulltime care.

If anyone ever needed a YamDaisy Cafe up the road, these families do!
I remember a woman who had a family crisis, and for several months her mum (have a guess, yes! she is Greek!) cooked a full meal for them that Maree could pick up on her way home to work.
YamDaisy Cafes are for all the families who don't have a wonderful Greek Grandmother Cook to help them through the crisis. And YamDaisy Cafe's can keep helping even when the crisis goes on for year after year.

More about Carers week here

I am talking to the local Council about a Pilot YamDaisy Cafe. Fingers crossed! It's needed!


  1. I am talking to the local Council about a Pilot YamDaisy Cafe. Fingers crossed! It's needed!

    The best news is at the end of your message... it should be at the top too!!!
    Congratulations and fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks so much Therese! I am being careful not to trumpet anything until after the next meeting at least! So just a little tootle at the end of the post! ;)

  3. Good luck with everything! I hope you are keeping well.
    Lucy xxx