Saturday, March 24, 2012

More French Savoury Cake

I have blogged about French Savoury Cake before: Here.

But it is good for a second post! This time I added lots of finely chopped herbs (parsley, mint, basil and spring onions), the little mild citrussy chilies I am growing (see in the picture below), feta and olives,
It made a yummy cake.

150g SR flour (scant 1 ¼ cups) with salt and pepper sifted in large bowl
100 ml oil or melted butter

125 ml milk
3 eggs
Liquids in 2 cup jug, whisk then fold into flour
Fold in additions corn/olives/cheese/capsicum/sorrel/herbs etc

In oiled, lined white loaf pan
210C oven for 10 minutes then 180C 30 minutes

I used a mixture of yoghurt and milk instead of all milk, it is my favourite for anything containing baking powder because it has that bit extra acid to help the process, and the taste!
And I use a mixture of butter and oil: and a bit less than given in the recipe.

This is such a treat. I often have it as an accompaniment to soup, but I enjoyed a couple of slices of this with my afternoon cup of tea! (You can see the bite I had to have before I took the photo. VERY yummy!)

Here are the ingredients. Look at those lovely farm eggs! So golden.


  1. A quick and delicious savoury cake! Perfect for the lunch.

  2. What makes it especially 'French'?
    I have very similar 'English' loaf recipes that are very similar.........?

  3. Feta and olives in savoury cake, great idea, thanks for the recipe!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments peeps! Hi anonymous, this is where I was introduced to the idea: If you can follow the link you will see they were popular in France and that I got the recipe from a Frenchwoman. That is as French as it gets I think!

  5. PS Anonymous, what English Savoury Cake recipes do you have? I'd love to see more ideas!

  6. Cheese & Walnut is a favourite in our house..........but I have others.
    I will find a couple & come back to you.

    As for the 'frenchness' of this recipe.........I see what you mean from the link........goes to show there is nothing new under the sun, is there!

  7. Thanks Anonymous! Cheese and walnut sounds wonderful.
    It is true that so much counts on when and where you first come across an idea!

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  9. Misspeled before. Meant to say very tasty indeed!

  10. Hi, Joy! Hope you're keeping well!
    I'm going to try this recipe. Savoury cake is perfect for breakfast for someone like me, who doesn't sweet flavours in the morning.
    Take Care!

  11. Hey Joy! Was just wondering how you were doing as you haven't posted in a while. Hope you're well x

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  18. Wow this cake looks delicious, I may have to make it for my mum! :)