Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Article for CSMC

This is the article I wrote for the Newsletter of the Council for Single Mothers and Their Children


Most days, for most families, it is a challenge to provide tasty nutritious meals that suit everyone. It involves budgeting, shopping, storing, menu planning, preparation, cooking, serving… all in the relentless timetable of breakfast lunch and tea, day after day after day.

When you are a single mother; if there is poverty; if chronic illness, disability and other stresses are in the mix, then things start getting impossible. The Housewife Cook needs a break.

Imagine a YamDaisy Café just up the road. Pensioners and Healthcare card holders can join up and get meals e.g. ten dollars for a two course meal. Others pay slightly higher prices. The chef who runs it is a great cook.

You could get the kids off to school and meet a friend there for lunch. You might go after school and have a family meal there - you would get home with the children fed! You could have an easy meal with your preschoolers, or pick up takeaway.

This could be fast, but not the fast food that you should only eat occasionally. The food would be made from scratch, on the premises, so your family would be getting food at least as good as what you would make yourself.

The YamDaisy Cafés would run as a franchise. We want to start with a pilot café and spread from there. Our web and Facebook sites will give the details of the concept, and your feedback is needed. Would you like to have a YamDaisy café up the road? When would you use it? What would make it work best for your family?

Please contact me

Project Manager Joy Stevenson

Email: joys57@optusnet.com.au

Ph: Business Hours (03) 9489 1596

Look out for the web launch around Easter - yamdaisy.com

YamDaisy Presents: COMFORT FOOD ‘09

Comfort Food is what you keep coming back to, all your life. So you want it to be good!

You have had a horrible day, you are sick and tired and hungry and miserable.

Then someone lovely says "Sit yourself down and I will make you a yummy comforting meal. What would you like?"

Here are some of our results:

Jan: Chicken soup, with chilli, ginger, garlic and lots of veggies, Indonesian style

Trevor: Chicken noodle soup with vegetables

Rose: Minestrone with garlic bread

Joy: Rice and Dahl

Lin: Beef madras Curry with rice and naan

Francine: Soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers

Let me know your favourite comfort food and I can add it to the list.

(Michelle Obama likes Macaroni Cheese).


  1. I would be over the moon if someone offered me some good chicken a la king, or something spicy with sausages and potatoes...real down to earth, comforting food. And they would really make me feel better if they offered me some kind of delicious sweet to top it off; chocolate cake or brownies. :)

  2. Thankyou for your good wishes AND especially for the Comfort Meal Dawn! It is a lovely one.