Sunday, June 7, 2009

World Environment and World Oceans

The 5th of June was World Environment Day and today, the 8th, is World Oceans Day.
Two very special days and a reminder that these wonderful powerful forces, that have shaped us over eons, have such vulnerabilities and need our care and respect.
The YamDaisy Cafe has a role to play.
  • It makes the most of savings caused by community rather than household cooking. It can have systems for compost and evolve menus that avoid waste.
  • YamDaisy Cafe can have partnerships with Restaurants, Markets, Producers and Backyard Growers to make use of over supply.
  • YamDaisy cafe would respect Sustainable Fishing and use local seafood that is not endangered. This would familiarise customers with the best seafood to use and the types of meals it suits.
  • Partnerships with tertiary design and architecture institutions could result in students who design and organise the cafe fittings or refittings that make use of eco knowledge and design features that help power saving, comfort and waste reduction.
  • using local seasonal food cuts down on food miles, limiting processed food saves energy.
  • Good food results in a healthier population who can more easily do their part to help our environment.
  • Local cafes and their clients can support, instigate, advertise or promote local environmental activities and projects.
Can't wait!

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