Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menu Planning

I came up with my idea of a simple menu that would make it easy for the chef to know what she/he was doing, and easy for the customers to work out when they would choose to visit the YamDaisy cafe.
Not having any experience in this sort of thing I might have it completely wrong! But if I start with my idea, hopefully I will get feedback
Also, I am hoping that people who delight in making menus will give it a try - both novices and experienced chefs.
By writing a weekly menu for a specific month, all the ingredients of the YamDaisy Cafe are addressed: Seasonal ingredients, delicious every day meals, suitable for the local community, practical for the chef to cook in a small kitchen.
Vegetarians could provide a meatfree menu, gluten intolerant people could compose one that they could eat. Peolpe could write one that suits their cultural heritage. It could be great fun and I could add some of the menus to my website.
Maybe I could find someone to judge them from a chefs point of view?
Check out my sample menu at

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