Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tortoise Pace

I planned to put the May News Sheet out this week, to coincide with Span (Neighbourhood House) being in their new site, and wanting to get regular publication and really begin putting together local community food news. However, I have had the exciting phonecall from Rosie (more about that later!) which means I want to put all my energy into getting the School Project organised, and think about some nice little action researching.
On the other hand, none of the organisations I have asked about community food news have responded - understandable, but it means I need to follow up all avenues myself, a lot of extra work.
As well as that, my News Sheet has been taken down three times from the Community Noticeboard at Fairfield. Maybe they think I am a commercial organisation? Maybe it is just someone that wants the space: but I want to follow that up too. So it is wise to give all that a longer running time, a put out the NewsSheet every second month.
Aah, decision made. Good.
It is so easy, wanting this project to grow, to keep putting more on my plate. But the limitations of illness mean that I can only work at tortoise pace. I can get a lot done at Tortoise pace, but not everything! (Mixed metaphor! maybe I can only eat the things on my plate at Tortoise pace!)

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