Friday, May 28, 2010

A YamDaisy Cafe in a block of flats!

Here is a flat in a block of 8 flats. Two bedrooms each. Next door is another block.  9, one bedroom flats.  Next to it is another block, and then another...  (They call them apartments or units of course. It is me who is old fashioned and daggy and likes calling them flats!)

On the other side is a bare paddock. They pulled down the house that was there and they are planning to put up 4 townhouses. On the other side of that? You guessed it, another block of 4 town houses.

You get the picture? Lots of people, few children, the tenants are young and busy in the main, but there are old people here too, people with disabilities and chronic illness.  There are small kitchens here, and not many cooks....

What a great place for a YamDaisy cafe!

It IS possible to get planning permission to turn a flat into a cafe. I have checked. It probably isn't easy! But I think it might be worth it.

Take the flat in the photo for example. These flats are quite basic, but they are well soundproofed. The flats above and beside can be protected from the noise of the cafe.
The living room and main bedroom could be opened up to form a reasonable eating area, the small, cool, second bedroom could be the store room. The kitchen is small, but what cafe kitchen isn't! So long as it is well set up, small can be good!

How convenient for everyone in the neighbourhood to be able to drop in for a meal and eat it in their community, or take it home for convenience.

There is even room in the courtyardish area for herbs to grow, or even an outside table or two.

Here are the benefits:
Convenient, delicious, affordable food
Good health outcomes
Fostering a sense of community

Before long, every big block of flats built would have a central place put aside for the YamDaisy Cafe to be!


  1. Joy I love the idea of fostering the community spirit, but not sure if I would want a cafe in my block of flats if I was living in one. I've lived in several flats in my life, and was happy they were just residential. A cafe in a flat reminds me of the flats in the UK above shops which I really dislike. I personally think it would work better if the cafe was a central point among a group of buildings. Sorry, not trying to be negative as I can see the good points, especially for people with mobility problems.

  2. That sounds like the right place to have the cafe! I wouldn't mind one near to where I live!!!
    Lucy xx

  3. We are following your ideas...

  4. That would be lots of works to do.....keep us informed!

  5. These comments are great! Jutta, I really appreciate what you have said, and my brain is working so hard another post might come out of it!

  6. It is a great idea. Joy, have you ever though of selling your meal in reheatable packages? If you can't do the cafe, perhaps they would let you do this. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  7. I love this idea Joy, I'm not sure if you could get council permits for it though.

    Jutta did you have a bad experience living above a shop? I've never lived in this kind of situation but living in the burbs the closest coffee shop to me is about an hours walk or 10 minute bus ride away so this kind of business so close to home would be welcome.

  8. I love this idea, dear Joy ! It's really comfort food in a place like home !I think it sounds like going mom's home on Sunday to have that special food only she knows how to cook :)


  9. Sounds perfect! Really hope you go for it!!

  10. Soundds a great idea! There are all sorts of underground restaurants popping up all over the place, serving great food at affordable prices. Jamie Oliver took us to a couple on his Jamie does America series and I think the idea has definitely caught on over here. xxoo

  11. I love the idea of good affordable food within walking distance. A friendly eating place that fosters a sense of community sounds wonderful.

  12. Awesome. I will be following your post to check on your progress. So, what steps are you going to take to find out if you can open Daisy's Yam Cafe in one of these flats? I hope this works because what a wonderful way to serve your food-My fingers are crossed for you.

    Good luck.

  13. What a great place this would be to open a cafe. I think the tenants would love it!

  14. Good luck with the planning permit! :)

  15. Mrs M, I did not have a bad experience of living above a shop. I actually avoided doing so. In the UK there are alot of flats above shops and I just don't like the feel or look of them, although the modern ones are much nicer. They tend to be cheaper and not as popular depending on location, and many are ex-council. I've had some friends living above shops but it is not for me. I also worry more about fire possibilities if above a cafe or restaurant.

    I love the idea of take home re-heatable packs but made from 'homemade' food so much better nutritionally and taste wise than take away. Although I think the cafes are a wonderful idea to promote community and I think this would be of real benefit to lonely people. It would be really comforting too I think to have special occasion meals, like Christmas, Easter, etc for people that may not have people close by to share big days with.