Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Flat Talk for the YamDaisy Cafe

I thank you SO much for your comments on my last post. I love the kind support, but even more I love the comments and criticism that help me see clearly the place of my project in the real world.

Sometimes I don't respond to comments, but I  keep them in my head, or written in my notebook. I have some lovely little lists that will turn into posts soon.

My YamDaisy Project is an unusual one because my health is so bad. I have trouble even managing to post a blog more than once a week! (Ofcourse, if I managed to win $90 million in Tattslotto I could have paid people to do all the work. I could set up a few cafes then! I am sure I could  manage that very well. But sigh, I didn't win it.).
So my strategy, until the next $90 million Tattslotto Draw comes around, is to develop my idea, and find out how to communicate it SO well that it will be self evident that it has to go ahead!

So, back to the flats.
Retrofitting IS possible, but I am very, very glad not to be chasing planning permits myself!
Ofcourse, Councils will come to see that it is in their interests to have YamDaisy Cafes in areas of need, and before you know it they will be bending over backwards to help get them going!

When Jutta talked about not wishing to have one in any block of flats she was living in, I did understand. In our flats there is someone who works night shifts, and I think they would hate extra noise and bustle around here. We have also had tenants with new babies here, and I remember that feeling of being ready to KILL someone who made such a noise my 'I've just got her to sleep' baby might wake up. I am also thinking of people with chronic pain, migraines, anxiety disorders, or simply a strong need for solitude.

However I do think there are places where the current residents in a block of flats may be very glad to let a YamDaisy Cafe in. The issue should be with just the block that has the cafe put in. All the ones nearby get the convenience without the irritation (hopefully). If the block had mostly people who would get home from work just in time to buy something delicious for dinner before the cafe shut up for the evening and peace and quiet reigned, it might be very welcome!

And during the day, people from all around (with the emphasis on walking distance) could visit and, if the flats are like the ones around here, it would be a very quiet, easy atmosphere.

The YamDaisy Cafes need to have a 'mum's kitchen' feel. Welcoming, full of deliciousness, conversation and company. But no mucking around!

A YamDaisy Cafe must have the invitation of all the residents, and owners, before setting up in a building. Once it is there, at least new tenants will know what they are letting themselves in for!

I have been talking about the places with a high number of flats and apartment buildings that are two or three stories high, and mostly fit on an old house block. That is what it is like where I live. But there are the big apartment buildings too, 8, 10 and more stories high. Just like a hotel has a shop and a restaurant in the lobby, it makes sense that these could too.

In most places I imagine a YamDaisy Cafe fitting in to places like an old corner shop, or some such building: nicely among the houses, and absolutely suitable for a food business. In some places it might be best placed in a small shopping strip easily accessed by the community. I have talked with a church minister who was excited about refurbishing an old church hall as a YamDaisy Cafe.

Wherever there is a need for one of these cafes, the trick would be to look around and see where it might work best. The wishes of nearby people and disability access are right up there in importance with food safety and kitchen size!

A YamDaisy Cafe needs to come to each area on the groundswell of demand from the local people. And once it is there, the onus is on the cafe to make sure it continues to be a welcome part of the community!


  1. Joy, so glad you took my comments the right way. I am a migraine sufferer so can relate to problems with noise in high density housing areas. I think it is a matter of finding the right block of flats for the cafe. Although, I think you would have to jump through a lot of hoops to get council approval. I am wondering if it would be better to connect cafes to neighbourhood houses if possible.

  2. Joy, I just wanted to say how inspiring this idea is. I hope you get it happening :)

  3. Joy, it is all so inspiring! Keep trucking :) xx

  4. Sounds like exciting things are happening. I'm enjoying following your journey as you find success!

  5. I just felt like saying 'hello'. I need to come back here over the weekend and read these last two posts. Schools close on the 15th and I've lots of things to do before then.
    Take Care!

  6. Carry on! I think this is a wonderful idea and will cast a spell over the council if they reject the idea:-). I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Great ideas as always. Love to read what's churning in that great mind of yours. :)

  8. I am looking forward to following your journey. You have the inspiration, no doubt.

    Keep us posted.

  9. I'm just jumping back in to thank you for the birthday wishes. Hugs...Mary

  10. It must be very difficult for you to find the energy to do your blog when you are very unwell. I very much hope that you get some relief soon.
    Take care.
    Lucy xx

  11. Amazing how well thought out this is! You are such an inspiration! I would think many other priests would be open to allowing Yam Daisy Cafes on their grounds as well. It seems like an ideal operation for a church to support.

    My prayers are with your Yam Daisy Cafe success! It would be such an innovative BLESSING.

  12. I wonder where you get all the energy to do this...esp. when you are not feeling very well.
    Stay healthy!


  13. Thankyou so much. I get such a boost from your comments! Mary I am glad to have your witchy wonderfulness on my side! And all the blessings, prayers and good wishes. They do give me strength!