Monday, June 21, 2010

YamDaisy Cafe and the Question of Cake!

This wonderful cake, made with whole pieces of dried and apricots, pears and other fruits, is so healthy it is hard to believe it tastes good. My sister discovered it many years ago when my mum was following the Pritikin diet which didn't allow any added sugar or fat. The sweetness and richness come from the fruit ~ bananas are used in the cakey bit that holds the fruit together.
As we were sharing this cake, my sister commented that it would be a good one for the YamDaisy cafe, and that inspired this post, because I am still working out what place cakes and biscuits should play in the YamDaisy Cafes.

Delicious, Everyday, Affordable food. 
That is the mantra (and extends to 'seasonal. local, made from scratch' ). It is the 'everyday' bit that brings up questions about cake. There is 'everyday' food, and there is 'sometimes' food. Which category does cake go in?

Do you have that 'little bit of something' with your cuppa everyday?

This is Chocolate Beetroot Cake, it is luscious and moist with a deep, wonderful flavour. Then there is Carrot Cake, Banana and Walnut Cakes... Should the YamDaisy Cafe make a specialty of fruit anf vegetable cakes?
Here is a whole book of them! (Thanks for the link Jutta)

Support Local Cafes
I call the YamDaisy Cafe a cafe, but it is different to most cafes with their display of mouth watering pastries and the industrial coffee machine sitting on the counter.
The YamDaisy Cafe isn't meant to be in competition with the local cafes, we want their support.
If someone wants a coffee and cake, that is the place to go.

So should the YamDaisy Cafe have coffee and cake at all?

This pretty one contains beetroot and almonds!
 It is a birthday cake.

Surely the YamDaisy Cafe can make a Birthday Cake for a valued customer! I already wrote a post about this here:

Off Display
One thing I have considered is that any cakes and biscuits in the YamDaisy Cafe should not be displayed. It can be like a mum's kitchen where they are kept in a tin and brought out when needed.

What do you think?

(Wondering what these YamDaisy Cafes are all about? Here is the website!)


  1. Thanks for your recent visits to Arise 2 Write...and for your prayers and encouragement.

  2. They all look fantastic! I bet they are wonderful.

  3. I am a coffee and cake person and I think that the idea of a fruity cake works along the lines of a fruity , delicious, affordable dessert. Yes to off display, too!

  4. The cakes look amazing, and I do think serving a simple dessert is a good idea. Some people just love to have a sweet at the end of the meal.

  5. delicious! I like snacking on dried fruits. and to have them with cake? that's even better.

    well, i like to see the cakes on display, because I eat with my eyes first and then to mouth. but knowing all of your delicious treats, there's probably no need. :)

    Have a good day Joy.

  6. Mama Joy the baby pink cake looks so girlie and delicious! I wish I had one on my birthday! :D

  7. The beetroot and almond cake looks amazing!

  8. Delicious looking cakes. I love the one with the dried fruits and wish I had a slice now!

  9. Ooooh, your cakes look delicious!! I enjoy a slice of cake every now and again, craving just a wonderful slice to satisfy the sweet craving. I would certainly enjoy a slice of any of these.

  10. Terrific! I keep meaning to try beetroot in cake and then losing my nerve at the last minute!

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