Tuesday, March 15, 2011

French Savoury Cakes

I wrote about cutting sugar out of my diet in my last post. I'm still at it!
First I cut out all the obvious things like dried fruit and biscuits and cakes.
O Therese, honey and maple syrup are out too! (And as for wine ~ Boo hoo, I have been pretty alcohol intolerant for several years!)

I got a book out of the library about the Glycaemic Index. It told me that my diet was already Low Glycaemic (I'm a healthy wholemeal vegetarian from way back!).

The real hardship came when I cut out fresh fruit and realised that made me feel even better.
That has sent me on a hunt to work out how sweet some vegetables are. It has been quite a research challenge! I will do a post about it next because I think a lot of people will find the information interesting.

I have decided to be as sugar free as I can be for a couple of months, and maybe find some good probiotics too. Then I will add back a bit of fruit and see how I go.

(Note: My doctor has ruled out diabetes and pancreatic problems.)

So this brings me to the recipe I would like to share today.
French Savoury Cake is great with soup or stews, and I am enjoying it as a 'little something' to have with my cuppa! I have made it successfully in a loaf tin,  in a tray, and this time I tried savoury cupcakes using my muffin tray and that worked perfectly too!

I will give you my basic recipe (originally from Kye at the Jamie Oliver forum).

150g SR flour (scant 1 ¼ cups) with salt and pepper sifted in large bowl
100 ml oil or melted butter
125 ml milk
3 eggs
Liquids in 2 cup jug, whisk then fold into flour
Fold in additions corn/olives/cheese/capsicum/sorrel/herbs etc

In oiled, lined white loaf pan
210C oven for 10 minutes then 180C 30 minutes

This time I added some finely shredded sorrel, finely chopped green olives, red capsicum, and crumbled feta. And they took about 25 minutes to cook.

Other times I have added corn kernels, chives, a variety of herbs. I have also used part cornmeal in the flour.
It is such an easy delicious mix I am glad to share it.

Cheers everyone


  1. You always come up with a good alternative... Just loving how you check your diet and health in your every post :)

  2. Don't eat too many carrots as well as beetroots, they are sugary too! I know I have to avoid them in my "present diet."

  3. These cakes look wonderful and the best thing is they're healthy too. Yum!

  4. This does look yummy. I've also tried to elminate as many simple sugars as possible but I just can't imagine cutting out the natural ones too. That must be a challenge. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.