Friday, March 11, 2011

Rice Paper Rolls and Yes but!

I had lovely visitors last week in among a set of vaguely disappointing appointments. Thank heavens for Em and Simone!

The vaguely disappointing appointments included
The hairdressers: a very expert style, but not me! Simone I need that recommendation!
The doctors: very good that I haven't got diabetes or any signs of panceatic problems but nothing useful to understand why sugar is making me so sick.
The ex Federal bureaucrat upstairs: good feedback on my YamDaisy project but it just highlighted that with my ill health I am not really well enough to take it much further.

I know my cheery optimism will pop up soon and I will chase up Simone's hairdresser, rejoice at how much better I feel with sugar out of my diet, and focus on the lovely work I will do to my YamDaisy website.

In the meantime I am so glad for a lovely afternoon with gorgeous people. Em brought food for a whole feast that she laid out on the table.
Fresh greens, egg, vermicelli noodles, cucumber, dressed/pickled zucchini, the amazing greens and sesame mixture and a kick arse dipping sauce. All rolled up into a ricepaper package. Scrumptious.


  1. Oh, Joy! I loved this recipe!!! All these ingredients... mouth watering!!!

    By the way, I'm enjoying a lot your daughter's blog :) I love her recipes!!!

  2. Lovely greens on rice paper! Which reminds me that after staying here in Vietnam for almost 2 years I haven't officially learned to make the Vietnamese spring rolls :D

  3. It's nice to see that you stay positive.
    Honey? maple syrup? Same effect? Even the sugar in wine? I hope not...

  4. Joy, that sounds good...and healthy. Looks pretty too!