Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer End and Gomasio

Deja Vu?
This meal was inspired by the one my friend Em made for me not long ago.
I haven't made rice paper rolls for a while (isn't it lucky the rice papers don't mind sitting in the pantry for a long time!). It was always a meal for a hot evening when my daughter was still at home. The big tray of salad ingredients and the leisurely rolling and eating is perfect when the weather is so hot and heavy no one has much appetite.
It was hard to make it just for me.. but then Summer gave a last hot day and I was hungry for the eggs and the sesame greens that Em introduced to my rice paper roll repertoire!
So I puddled around and got it ready and then rolled them all up.
And it was great!

It also inspired me to make Gomasio which I haven't made for years and years and years.
Nothing could be easier! Just toast sesame seeds (I made about a cup full) by putting them in a dry frypan and stirring them over the heat until they are lightly coloured and smelling toasty! Then add enough salt so it is perfect to sprinkle on top of things (about one teaspoon full was right for me). Cool completely and keep in an airtight jar. And sprinkle away!
It is especially good on greens, but try it on roast veggies, or as a lovely finishing touch to a salad.


  1. I haven't heard of rice paper rolls before but they look really interesting.
    The toasted sesame sound nice too!
    Lucy xx