Thursday, April 21, 2011

YamDaisy Menu for Someone Who Needs It!

This was posted on a food forum I follow (Jamie
"My mother lives on probably less than $100 USD a month for her food budget.  She has many health problems, many of which could disappear if she could eat healthier.  To my knowledge there is no program or organization that could send someone to go shopping with her to make good decisions on what she buys when she shops.  I live over an hour away from her, and honestly, I'm not too savy myself.  Can anyone give me (and others) good low cost veggie and meat ideas?  Goal to make $100 USD last a month and still be healthy."

I asked if I could use this post, because it talks about such a big issue. This woman is a grandmother with chronic illness and few resources. I think she deserves some looking after.

There is advice about buying fresh cheap food and preparing and cooking, and avoiding waste, and storing and so on.

But how I wish THIS is what was happening for her:

A YamDaisy Cafe is opening in the neighbourhood and the local paper has a big article on it. Mrs Inlinet has signed up and filled out a questionnaire about her favourite foods. 
She has also agreed to be part of the research they are doing, and so has given them information about her health problems. A young woman came around and interviewed her, and explained that there would be another interview after a year, to see how her health is then.
Mrs Inlinet is on a very low income, but the meals are low cost, and each week there are member specials.
The first menu has come out and Mrs Inlinet is looking it over to see what she will choose.

(Springtime in the USA)

Pea Cream Soup from Love Lives In The Kitchen, (LINK HERE) with melba toast

Spice Crusted Cod Fillet with Zucchini Salad from Angie's Recipes (LINK HERE) 

Polpettone (from 3 Hungry Tummies LINK HERE)

with Roasted Potato and Asparagus (from Cinnamon Spice LINK HERE)

Rhubarb and Icecream from Belleau Kitchen LINK HERE

A choice of beautiful seasonal food lovingly cooked is what we all deserve!
Especially someone who has is struggling with illness and poverty, who has cared for a family, and needs to care for herself.
Mrs Inlinet can eat at the cafe, or choose takeaway. Why not both? And have a whole day of being looked after foodwise, whenever she needs one.

As you have seen, I put this menu together from wonderful blog posts. Hooray to those bloggers!

More info about the YamDaisy Cafe idea is HERE: and more menus are HERE:


  1. All of those meals look delicious and full of vitamins!I am sure Mrs Inlinet would look forward to eating them. Have a Happy Easter!
    Lucy xx

  2. The dishes do look awfully good, Joy. I really like the ice cream and rhubarb. Mmmmm

  3. oh joy! thank you for featuring my recipe! this selection of dishes is a great idea! sending you hugs from milan,