Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hug a Climate Scientist!

There has been such a crisis throughout the world as the evidence of Climate Scientists has shown us truths about our behaviour and the likely consequences on the Earth's systems. To respond properly to the evidence we need drastic change in behaviour, and this is threatening to people who hold a view of the world that will not admit the evidence.
We have seen the sad result of this in nasty threats to Australian Climate Scientists, including death threats. These people work to get us the best information so we can make the best decisions, and we need to show our support.
So today has been declared Hug A Climate Scientist Day.
The picture above comes from First Dog on The Moon: See HERE

How can you help?
If you see a Climate Scientist ~ Give them a hug!
Share this blogpost! (Or the one in the link!)
If you are on twitter, make it a world wide trend by tweeting a message #HugAClimateScientist (or even with all lowercase!)
Or you can follow me on Twitter and retweet me! Find joystevenson
Or find your own special way to highlight Hug A Climate Scientist Day!

Best wishes to you on Hug A Scientist Day June 10 2011!


  1. Not easy these days to be a bad news carrier but what is more easy than giving hugs? So let's give hugs and wish one climate scientist will be around to receive a hug too.

  2. So true Therese, and thanks, your comments are such a pleasure!