Sunday, June 26, 2011

In love with linen teatowels!

Here are two of my linen teatowels. They are sitting on my purple spotted ironing board! Not the best background, but they have just been ironed!
I am new to the delights of linen tea towels! For a long time I lived in shared households and with hand me down tea towels. When I began buying my own I worked out very quickly I wanted to avoid any polyester in them, and looked for pure cotton.
I knew linen teatowles were cosidered high quality, but I didn't know why ~  I had gone off linen after being exasperated by such easily crumpled clothes.

Recently I have had one friend educating me about patience with linen clothing (which means finding second hand linen clothes is a boon!) and another enlightening me on the quality of linen tea towels. She has just been given a glorious pile of beautiful linen teatowels that are really works of art. And so she kindly passed on to me a couple of the lovely teatowels she had made, as well as a large brocade one.

Now I understand! SO absorbent! Resistant to dirt and stains! (And better for the environment).

I love them.

Well, I am never too old to learn, and how glad I am to learn this one before I begin my first YamDaisy marketing venture. I plan to get teatowels designed and printed with a yam daisy to promote and raise money for my YamDaisy Cafe project. Guess what! They will be pure linen!


  1. I once was educated to linen towels too... and am sticking to them to this day...

  2. I love linen towels as they are very soft and feel comfortable to use. I liked the colours of your linen towels. Nice post.

  3. This would really be a cool business venture to help your yam daisy. I wish you good luck, ms. joy :)

  4. good luck
    yes they are comfortable

  5. I think that is a good idea! I did not know that linen cloths are so absorbent but I have noticed them for sale in certain shops around here.
    Lucy xx

  6. they are lovely. and a great idea. good luck!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment.
    Awaiting for your new post.