Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was delighted to discover a few weeks ago, that this blog rated on the BIG List of Food Blogs! and It had 6 recommendations!
It was at number 5649 I think! I went back to check the listing exactly ~ and it had gone. O sad face! That's what comes of being such a sometimes blogger and, not to mention, putting up blogs about non food subjects.
O well, fame is fleeting!

But here I am doing a lovely food post to show you my delicious breakfast! Every component was special. I'll tell you what I mean:
The toast is made from my delicious chestnut bread (about 2/3 cup of mashed chestnuts from my friend's trees added to the usual ingredients).
The arrabbiata sauce I made for my sisters visit. It is a pasta sauce with chili in it. My sisters have gone home, but I had sauce left over! I heated a little of it until it was very thick and smeared it on my toast.
The avocado was a gift from one of my sisters. It grew on her farm! It had been sitting in my fruit bowl ripening and when I cut into it it was so soft and creamy!
A friend introduced me to these big fat green olives they have for sale at Cozzella Brothers Thornbury, and gave me a container full!
And the parsley is growing in my garden.

And it all came together for my delicious breakfast! 
Wishing you all delicious breakfasts too!


  1. Looks delicious Joy. Sorry about you blog.

    from JO forum

  2. Thanks Sheryl! Lovely to see you here!

  3. It looks just amazing Joy. Congratulations on making it onto the blog list even if it was just for a short time.

  4. Thanks Jan! You know, it might even have been there for a year before I found it. I might presume that! wink!

  5. Therese I am so lucky with the chestnuts! I get big fat shiny ones given to me when they are in season!

  6. Hi Joy, I was very interested in the chestnut bread. It all looks delicious though.

  7. It's great that you were on the Big List of Food blogs! Your breakfast looks and sounds super, especially the chestnut bread!
    Lucy xxx

  8. Lin, lovely to see your comment! I should make you some chestnut bread!
    Thanks Lucy! I wish I could make you some too!