Thursday, July 21, 2011

A beetrooty gift!

A friend called in after shopping.
"Help!" she cried! "How on earth do you shop for one?"

I laughed (sympathetically). I have been through that transition too!
When you are cooking for a household you buy in bulk,. When the carrots are all used up and the potatoes are getting low.... you know it is time to go shopping again.

But when there is just you, it is amazing how little food is needed! When all the carrots and potatoes are gone, you can still find meals for the next three days!

"Look, I've bought too much!" said my friend. "Please help me by taking some. Have half the bunch of celery. Half the lettuce. O please take a couple of beetroots! They have their lovely fresh leaves attached too! O and I couldn't resist this bag of potatoes. Take 8!"

So here are the beetroot. I pressure cooked them for a short 10 minutes (maybe 8?) which was perfect. Their lovely fresh leaves were removed first.
What do you think I made with them?

(I'll tell you tomorrow!)


  1. Oh, you're such a tease!
    Shopping for one if very economical if you ask me!

  2. Love beetroot! What about chocolate beetroot cake? Though I must say, I also enjoy eating it just as it is :)

  3. I only know one way on how to prepare them: sliced with a vinaigrette! You are always so creative!

  4. Ha Yiota! And very economical when I get a fridge full of gifts!lol.
    I have tried chocolate beetroot cake Michael. Wonderful!
    Therese pickled beetroot was pretty well the ONLY pickle I knew growing up, and the only way we ate beetroot! I still love it that way.
    I hope you try my latest way of using beetroot! The post is up!