Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Cleaver, A Cleaver, A Pumpkin

See the small cleaver in the middle of the photo? That is my everyday knife. Every day it chops for me!

If I remember rightly (I am going a little Chairman Kaga here), it came from a shared student household on the outskirts of Bendigo. When everyone moved out, I was left with the clean up ~ and this handy chopper!

My friends, that was a quarter of a century ago! And since then the cleaver has chopped my veggies every day. And finally, on Saturday, I took it to a professional knife sharpener, and it is now the sharpest I have ever known it. Crikey it has been blunt the last few years and all the steeling hasn't been able to do much.

As a (mostly) vegetarian, this is pretty well all I need in the way of knives.... except for a couple of things!
Meet Big Cleaver!
Big Cleaver lives at the bottom of the drawer and comes out especially for pumpkins and coconuts! (Sharp side for pumpkins, blunt side for coconuts).

I needed it yesterday when I cracked the lovely Jap pumpkin that has been waiting patiently in the fruit bowl for a couple of months, Thankyou Big Cleaver!

I made a lovely hearty winter soup (we are in the depths of winter here) with celery, pumpkin and split peas and both my cleavers were in such fine form!

Hooray for professional knife sharpeners, for beautiful pumpkins and for all sizes of cleaver!


  1. I am glad Big Cleaver is yours and not mine :-)))

  2. A cleaver should always be the best to cut vegetables easily. Thats a lovely and sharp cleaver you have and I liked the shape of the pumpkin very much which is perfect.

  3. It is so nice to have the right tool for the job. The picture is lovely; I like how the pumpkin color reflects onto the cleavers.

  4. Thankyou,
    I am glad big clever is mine too Terese! lol!
    Babli and Diane, I agree! It has been such a pleasure using it for everything now it is properly sharp!