Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beetroot Pasta Sauce!

I have seen a couple of recipes for using beetroot in a sauce, and they were typical, straightforward pasta sauces using beets along with tomatoes.
I couldn't really imagine what such a sauce would taste like: but I loved the colour!

So I made a pretty typical pasta sauce by putting in my blender tomatoes (from a tin) onion, garlic, olive oil and a little chilli, plus the two cooked beetroots (see here) with their skins and stalks rubbed off. I blended them all up and then popped them in a saucepan to cook for half an hour. The sauce spat a bit and made glorious coloured splatters all over my stove, but other than that - it couldn't be easier!
While I cooked up the pasta (big tubes which I broke into thirds to make them more manageable) I also cooked the beet leaves by slicing them thinly and braising them in a little butter and the water left on them from washing them.
The walnuts made a lovely garnish!

Then I ate it. YUM! I couldn't imagine the tastes of tomato and beetroots together, but it was glorious! It was a delicious comforting tasty sauce that was beautifully balanced by the greens and walnuts. Simple and very special! I can't wait to wow some visitors with this dish!

Highly recommended!
(Plate when finished!)


  1. Sounds (& looks) scrumptious! The walnut garnish makes me wonder what a beet leaves and walnut pesto would be like. Would the beet leaves be strong enough to balance the power of the walnuts? I'll let you know!

  2. Ooo interesting Chris! I think you might have a winner!

  3. This sounds awesome, I am going to try it for dinner one night this week!

  4. I should try this... Beet color looks brilliant. Sure it was yummy :)

  5. I am not sure what your new sauce would taste like. I don't like beetroot but it could taste good with the tomatoes. I will have to try it as it looks delicious and good for you!
    Lucy xx

  6. That is exactly what I thought Lucy, I am so glad I tried it.
    Maybe I was more curious (and hungry) than inventive!
    I hope you like it Luckiest1! And you too Joanie!