Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Win! Win!

I am up to the last page of my presentation folio about my YamDaisy Cafe idea, and it is called Win Win!
But really it is  Win Win Win Win Win!

The customers win because they are getting delicious home style food at prices they can afford.
The Chef/Managers win because they are getting fair, satisfying employment.
Communities win because YamDaisy Cafe's can break down isolation and foster community connections.
The Health System wins because access to nutritious food is key to the prevention and management of  so many chronic illnesses. And also because the YD Cafes can be a useful research point.
All levels of government win because better health and community connections save money.
The environment wins because using local produce cuts down food miles, making things from scratch cuts down on packaging, good systems restrict waste, innovative sustainable designs save energy.
Local producers win because they will have a steady, responsive, local market for their produce.

I wonder how many more I will think up before I am finished!


  1. Wonderful post. We always have a winning attitude and its never ending process.