Friday, January 7, 2011

YamDaisy Take Away Containers

When I first was thinking about my YamDaisy idea I wasn't thinking that takeaway would be a large part of it. But as I have looked more at the needs of those who struggle to provide themselves with delicious, nutritious fresh affordable food, I have realised that takeaway may be the biggest part of the service.

But how to avoid hundreds of disposable, wasteful, environment damaging containers?

There are some eco friendlier options ~ such as this one. But one of the features of the YamDaisy Cafe is to have local people who use it again and again and so reusable containers become an option.

My first thought was something like these:

I imagined the cafe having a big industrial washer so it could wash them as well. But what a lot of extra work! and they aren't microwavable.

There are local health laws that need to be taken into account, but I was very relieved to find that it isn't impossible for customers to bring their own containers. I kept thinking, thinking, and then I saw Ju's blog about the tupperware tapau container: The Little Teochew

How exciting. I checked out this product ~ and I must recommend watching the add on this page which is daggy to start with and even more so when dubbed into English!

The other package that I saw to impress me is the cute green one I put at the start. Here it is open so you can see how it works:

And also the laptop box shown in Mrs Q's post which is also inspiring.

I think the YamDaisy organisation (when it gets really big and there are thousands of little local cafes) will be able to work with manufacturers to design a range of suitable containers: for hot food, cold food, families (as a backpack perhaps?), so that YD customers can easily transport takeaway in a safe, practical way that is also good for the environment.


  1. Re-usable take away containers - what a good idea! I even like the fresh green colours on this one!
    Lucy xx

  2. those are cute and useful!

  3. Do like the green one! Think as a customer I would be very proud of using it again and again! Good thinking!

  4. I like the light green one with "happiness life" written on it...maybe a logo (Daisy) there?

  5. I love that green one too! Under where it says 'Happiness Life' it says 'Best wishes to you, Happy everyday to you'
    So cute! I can imagine a yellow Yam Daisy logo and some gorgeous saying like that as well!

  6. dear joy!
    i wish you a happy 2011! many hugs and all the best!

  7. What a great re-invention of the tiffin box. Like the green microwaveable one.

  8. Those containers are part of your daily routine? take-out containers can be reused, and these are eco friendly. It would save you the trouble of having to wash them after use.

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