Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day

I am preparing to talk to the Chef at the Sliding Door Cafe about a possible school project we could do together. My idea is to join school healthy eating around "Sometimes Food" and "Everyday Food" my Comfort Food '09 and the Sliding Door Cafe's community food focus. I need to see if the cafe is able to be involved, as I know they are pretty pressured at the moment with apprenticeships and catering. That's on my list for first thing next week.
I have been reading a book about colour in website design (thanks Libby and Robert) but I think I have done all I can to make the background look pale yellow. If more computers are seeing a nasty orange I will have to rethink.
I am having such fun on the Jamie Oliver site, it is very well set up. But I put up a topic about Comfort Meals without thinking to talk about my project first. I got some lovely replies and a great range of meals, plus lots of calls for a Fabulous Food Fairy! But I haven't got permission to put those meals up on my site. I think I can count them in at the end though.
I still want to start a blog there, but I am not sure my health is up to doing it. I will wait a little longer and see.
And I need to put up some more news on the website so it is interesting enough for people to keep coming back!

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