Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Blogs!

I spent some time today looking at the blogs on the Jamie Oliver website and decided that this sort of blog - following the process of my project, isn't really going to work there!
But I might have a try at doing two blogs, starting a more general food and life blog there. I will have to find a digital camera though, as they seem to be very photo focussed. Another thing to learn! But it is a very good networking place. I have got some great Comfort Food replies from putting the topic there, and there are a lot of other good things to do.
I have had a few days to recover from my big day on Monday, but I will do more tomorrow. I was so successful putting up News Sheets that I ran out. (I only printed 8 but they aren't going quite so far and wide yet). I will print another four. And I will chase that background for websites info.
Then I had better sit down at my desk and get my YamDaisy files up to date.
I have had some lovely feedback about my site: that there are interesting things to read, - so that means it is time to think about putting new interesting things to keep the momentum (such as there is!).

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