Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I want to employ you, Lovely Chef!

An article in the Green Guide (favourite TV Guide) led me to sit down and watch the first "Masterchef Australia" which has just begun on our TV.
I am not sure if I will love it enough to keep watching it, but my delight in the first show, where they were weeding through applicants, was the first one who got through to the semi finals. She said that she loved cooking comfort food sort of meals, basic, but delicious; and wanted to do homestyle cooking but out of the home so people could come to her to eat it. (Something like that!)
And she made a delicious meal that Matt Preston hugged her for.
I looked at my daughter (who hears all about my YamDaisy ideas) and she grinned back as I said "I would SO employ that woman for my YamDaisy Cafe!"

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