Friday, February 4, 2011

Comment Help and The Year to Come!

I know a few people who have been pulling their hair out trying to leave a comment on a blog: including this blog, which I have set up so that anyone can leave a comment and there isn't even a password to fill in
For one friend, the difficulty is doing it from her phone, another is following the site, but still is having trouble writing comments, and yet another is trying to work out how to follow my blog, and a few others.

I seem to stay logged in and I can't remember how I started. Help? Any clues or words of advice I can pass on?

And since I am on a technological theme, I wanted to mention that I am really hoping to have a better health year and make a big push in getting my YamDaisy project on. It seems to keep coming back to updating my website though, and I have just been talking to a website savvy friend who has put me on to Drupal and I think I will be doing an even bigger upgrade that I planned. (Why does everything have to be so much work!)

O well, one step at a time. I'd be grateful of any good wishes you can spare, and any advice or tips too!



  1. Do Hope you can get it started this year!! All the very best for you and keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you!

  2. Drupal, that is what I want to use. We can share notes. That will be really good.

    I must have a look at my set up so that people can post without needing a password etc.

    It is great to share the journey.

  3. Great Jan! I THOUGHT it was Drupal you mentioned!