Monday, February 21, 2011

YamDaisy and Children

I am still working on my presentation folder, and it is a great discipline in thinking what I need to say and show. It is also a lovely creativity, which I am cheating at as much as I can, to get it done quickly! I find illustrations to help me explain the points I want to make, and I am enjoying these pictures from the 1944 book 'Ameliaranne gives a concert' very useful!

As you may have guessed I am doing a page about children at the moment.

There will be children's meals at YamDaisy Cafes, half the price of adult ones. But no chicken nuggets and chips here! They will be child sized portions of the daily meals.

And children will have the same opportunities as adults for feedback and a level of negotiation.

And both children and adults need to know that bad behaviour in a YamDaisy Cafe is not acceptable!
Maybe we need something like this to keep people in line! (wink).

Okay, okay, I will keep that one out of my presentation folder!


  1. Just popping in to wish you good luck with the presentation. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. yes! good luck! i´m loving your inspiration, :)

  3. I love those pictures!

  4. i just stop to say hi and wish you a great weekend!

  5. What lovely comments! Thankyou all, and happy weekend wishes to Justyna and everyone else as well! It is a glorious weekend here!

  6. Hi Joy! I love your blog and your ideas! keep them coming! :)