Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy and the message quandry

Am I the only one who sits confronted by all the forms of communication and is bewildered?

A friend asked me if I, or my daughter, might like an old printer she no longer needs.
I have a ptinter, but I didn't know if my daughter needed one. So all I had to do was ask her.
I could have phoned her, but she might have been at work and her voice mail doesn't work very well.
I could text her, but my mobile probably needs recharging, and I would have to find my glasses....
I could email her ~ she prefers that for long complicated messages that are easier to answer in an email.
But this is a short simple question.
So I sent her a message on facebook. She got that on her phone, and answered promptly.

So now I need to let my friend know. I could ring her, but she will be at work and maybe have her phone off.
I could text her, but my phone does need recharging (yes, I have plugged it in now!).
I could message her on facebook, but she rang me and I think it would be polite to ring her back. Besides, I don't think she checks facebook so often.
Okay, I will ring her home phone and leave a message.

That was easy now, wasn't it?


  1. I sent a friend a text which she didn't get. Then we spoke in person about it the next day. Later that day she asked me to send her a message on facebook to remind her.
    By the way, I completely understand the preference for answering complex questions via email.

  2. That is it exactly GreenDragon! :)

  3. And then if it is really urgent you try them all.