Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YamDaisy, M, and Gluten Free

This is the third in a series of posts inspired by feedback from Maree as she read about my YamDaisy idea.

Maree wrote:
* I'd add more gluten-free /lactose free options. Such intolerances didn't exist 15-20 years ago but are all the go, these days.

(The picture above is an example of a gluten free and lactose free dish from Portugal: Pork with Pickles and Potatoes, from Tess Kiros' beautiful book 'Piri piri and Starfish')

It is very true that food intolerances and allergies are so much more common now, and the numbers are only likely to go up. The YamDaisy is 'mumfood' and needs to feed all the children.... customers!

This is the basic obligation that the YamDaisy Franchise would ask of every cafe. Everyone should be able to have suitable food for their diet, at least once a week. So anyone registered with their local cafe can explain their needs to the chef and expect that at least once a week there will be a meal they can eat.

Each YamDaisy Cafe will have its own Chef/Manager who will sort out the menu that suits the community (for more about this see here). If there is a large number of customers with particular allergies, it will affect the local menu.

Gluten free and lactose free meals will suit those people who want or need to eat them, and others may not even notice that the meal they choose is wheat free. I think it would be simple to have a wheat and/or dairy free meal on the menu every day!

Because more people are being diagnosed with such food allergies and intolerances, there will be people who would find it so useful to have their local cafe showing examples of wheat free meals, alternatives and substitutions and recipes as well! The YamDaisy chef can be a really useful resource!

Some people with coeliac disease would not be able to eat at a YamDaisy Cafe unless no wheat or other gluten grains were used in the cafe at all. They could not risk a gluten free meal from a kitchen that also uses wheat etc.
In large populations (inner Melbourne or Sydney for example) I think there would be a place for a completely gluten free YamDaisy Cafe. Locals would still find everyday, delicious, seasonal food there, and people with gluten allergies could come from the wider community to get those delicious affordable meals they need.

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  1. One of my granddaughters would need the totally gluten free Cafe. That would be wonderful if there was a menu they could be totally confident in. I hope you can get them up and running before too long.
    Best wishes for the year ahead.